COACHING YOUR OWN CHILD​: 6 Hidden Traps – eBook


Learn how to avoid the traps many parent coaches fall into, and have the greatest experience possible coaching your own child.





What every parent coach must know​

Coaching your own child is one of the most rewarding, yet difficult jobs anyone can have. Coaching is tough enough, but when your own child is involved, the job dramatically increases in complexity.

That is why some experts encourage parents not to coach their own child. This is because many parents end up:

  • Showing bias towards or against their own child
  • Upsetting their and their child’s relationships with friends
  • Creating problems with other parents
  • Experiencing problems separating coaching and parenting

However, the sporting community is dependent on parents, such as you, volunteering to coach. So you deserve all the support you can get. That is why Coaches Guild created this digital book to help you avoid falling into these hidden traps.

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